Koi & Goldfish Medications

Koi & Goldfish Medications

Keeping goldfish or koi in your pond can be a satisfying endeavour; your fish will become your friends and can live for many years or decades with proper care even in Northern outdoor ponds in colder US winters. There are some common goldfish and koi diseases and illnesses that can be treated with medications. It is always distresssing to find our fish with ulcers or discolorations or growths on their extremeties but with care and proper medication and water treatment many of these conditions can be reversed and are often non fatal.

Some of the most common problems with goldfish are: Fin rot is a literal rotting of the fins. It is not fatal when treated. Ick, or White spot disease, appears as white spots like sugar grains in goldfish and can be fatal but is treatable. It can be brought into ponds or tanks by contaminated equipment or new fish who carry the Ichthyopthirius. Medication and water changes as well as cleaning and quarantine are required. Other common issues that can be treated with our popular goldfish and koi medications are bacterial dropsy, fungus, milky skin, fin/tail rot, bulging eyes, mouth rot, raised scales. 

One problematic issue with ponds that cause fish illness and death is ammonia poisoning which is not specifically treatable by medication but can be eliminated by pond water testing and proper filtration and aeration or by emergency ammonia reduction additives.

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API PIMAFIX Antifungal Freshwater and Saltwater Fish Remedy 16-Ounce Bottle
API PIMAFIX Antifungal Freshwater and Saltwater Fish Remedy treats fungal and bacterial infections i..
$11.99 $9.29
API POND MELAFIX Pond Fish Bacterial Infection Remedy 64-Ounce Bottle
API POND MELAFIX Pond Fish Bacterial Infection Remedy uses the antibacterial properties of tea tree ..
$25.72 $25.46
API Pondcare Melafix Antibacterial Fish Remedy, 64-Ounce
Mars fishcare north america 176c 64-ounce melafix pond antibacterial and cleanerAntibacterial remedy..
$57.80 $40.98
API STRESS COAT Aquarium Water Conditioner 64-Ounce Bottle
Treat your tap water, and provide a safe environment for freshwater fish instantly and easily with A..
$26.42 $26.41
Eco Labs BSDT32 Broad Spectrum Disease Treatment, 32-Ounce
Formulated with Malachite Green and Formalin. Use for disease caused by Ichthyophithirius (Ich), Chi..
Hikari Usa AHK73254 Prazipro for Aquarium, 4-Ounce
For disease conditions caused by flukes, tapeworm, flatworm and turbellarians. Oxybispropanol and ..
$12.43 $12.37
KoiZyme 32oz
This special formula of natural bacteria, enzymes, and micro nutrients has proven effective against ..
Microbe Lift 2-Pound Pond Calicium Montmorillonite Clay MLKKB2
Natural formulation for pond clarity and Koi health, growth and color Calcium montmorillonite ..
$16.99 $12.61
Pond HealthGuard, 20 L / 5.3 fl. gal.
Pond HealthGuard is an effective disinfectant to promote the control of parasitic, bacterial, and vi..
$294.34 $284.20
Seachem ParaGuard 250ml
ParaGuard is the only fish and filter safe aldehyde based (10% by weight) parasite control product a..
$8.11 $8.10
Seachem Pond HealthGuard 480ml
Product Highlight(s):A safe disinfectant Contains no malachite green or other dye Safe for fish, pla..
$27.94 $21.63
Water Garden Oasis Pond HealthGuard, 4 L/1 fl. gal.
Pond HealthGuard is an effective disinfectant to promote the control of parasitic, bacterial, and vi..
$70.85 $70.34

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