Putting a fountain in a pond, pool or water garden can add instant drama to any setting. The splashing of the water droplets is also perfect for masking exterior sounds like noisy neighbours or traffic by adding a soothing natural sound to any property. Fountains also help to aerate and circulate pond water.

Small and large complete fountain kits are available that come with a pump and nozzles or even with a float for larger ponds and lakes but you can also build your own fountain by simply attaching a nozzle onto a pipe end and using a small energy efficient pump.

Birdbaths, garden statues and garden fountains are great ways to enjoy a water feature without having to build a pond. Urns, basalt columns, decorative pots and modern fountains are easy to install and inexpensive to operate. We carry a full range of decorative garden fountains as well as the small pumps and basins to ensure the project looks stunning.

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Atlantic Water Gardens Pebble Pot Fountain Kit with Pump and Basin, 20-Inch
Atlantic’s Fountain Kits come with everything you need except the water! The fastest, easiest way to..
Atlantic Water Gardens Splash Mat for 12-inch Formal Waterfall Spillway Basins CFBASIN12
Atlantic Water Gardens’ Splash Mat for 12-inch Formal Spillways Basin CFBASIN12 reduces splash for A..
Atlantic Water Gardens Splash Mat for 24-inch Formal Waterfall Spillway Basins CFBASIN24
Atlantic Water Gardens’ Splash Mat for 24-inch Formal Spillways Basin CFBASIN24 reduces splash for A..
Atlantic Water Gardens Splash Mat for 36-inch Formal Waterfall Spillway Basins CFBASIN36
Atlantic Water Gardens’ Splash Mat for 36-inch Formal Spillways Basin CFBASIN36 reduces splash for A..
Atlantic Water Gardens Water Feature Riser, Eco-Rise
The extremely strong radial structure of the Eco-Rise handles the weight of heavier fountain pieces,..
Beckett Corporation Pond Pump Kit with Prefilter and Nozzles, 680 GPH
This Beckett 3/8 HP Submersible Pond Pump can be fully submerged in your garden pond and pumps up to..
$69.36 $49.98
Bond Y97016 Napa Valley 45 inch Fiberglass Fountain
Bond tiered fountains are timeless, beautiful and classic. Making a bold statement in your garden ca..
Cobalt Pond LED 12b - 1-Inch Fountain Head, Blue
The Cobalt LED 12 Blue Fountain Head is the perfect addition to your pond to add drama and movement ..
Cobalt Pond LED 12w - 1-Inch Fountain Head White
The Cobalt LED 12 White Fountain Head is the perfect addition to your pond to add drama and movement..
Cobalt Pond LED 8b - 1/2-Inch Fountain Head, Blue
The Cobalt LED 8 Blue Fountain Head is the perfect addition to your pond to add drama and movement a..
Cobalt Pond LED 8mc - 1/2-Inch Fountain Head, Multicolor
The Cobalt LED 8 Multicolor Fountain Head is the perfect addition to your pond to add drama and move..
Cobalt Pond LED 8w - 1/2-Inch Fountain Head, White
The Cobalt LED 8 White Fountain Head is the perfect addition to your pond to add drama and movement ..
EasyPro OFS14 Self Contained Patio Pond with Pump
This Self Contained Patio Pond will look great indoors or outdoors. Add this beautiful water feature..
$79.99 $76.25
EasyPro RBH21B Rectangle Redi-Basin for Statues/Bubbling Rocks/Fountains, 21 by 28-Inch
21" x 28" Rectangle Basin that can be used above or below ground for fountains, statuaries, or bubbl..
$149.99 $113.32
Exaco Trading FM-0091 Endura Clay Zen Outdoor Fountain
The Zen fountain is a beautiful addition to your Zen garden. The earthy Burgundy color is consisten..
$199.99 $169.96
Floating Spray Fountain with 48 LED Light and 550 GPH Pump (Black) (6"H x 12"W x 12"D)
Includes 550 GPH pump with 33-foot cable length. Color transitions automatically from clear to red/w..
$282.78 $107.87
GAME 3567 Underwater Light Show and Fountain
The Underwater Light Show and Fountain reflects vivid colors that can enhance any pool. The pool flo..
Create a soothing and relaxing environment that's perfect for unwinding at the end of the day with t..
Garden365 Water Feature Planter Kit, Latte
Compact and Complete: A beautiful water feature is a serene addition to any living space. Garden36 W..
Jeco Inc. Pots Water Fountain with Led Light
A simple yet beautiful fountain, this distressed look will make the perfect addition in your home or..
Kasco Aerating Fountain - 3/4 HP, 120V, 50-Ft. Cord, Model# 3400JF050
The Aerating Fountain includes 5 interchangeable nozzles for multiple fountain patterns, including t..
Kasco Marine 3400JF 100 Floating Decorative Fountain ¾hp 120 volts 100' Cord
Kasco Marine proudly presents the popular 3400JF model. It is great for medium size ponds and when m..
Kasco X-Stream Pond Fountain - 1/2 HP, 50-Ft. Cord, Model# 2400SF050
The Kasco X-Stream Pond Fountain provides up to 30 beautiful fountain displays, thanks to a unique p..
Laguna Decorative Water Features Reservoir, 8-Gallon
The ideal in-ground water collection reservoir for fountains, ornaments and small preformed pondless..
Laguna Pond Fountain Pump Kit, 400-GPH
This Laguna pond fountain pump kit includes everything you need to generate powerful water circulati..
$46.91 $46.42
Laguna PowerJet 100 Fountain Pump Kit
Laguna is dedicated to beautifully simple water gardening. These high quality, high efficiency pum..
Little Giant 566740 Whiskey Barrel Classical Fountain, Weather Wood
Your garden becomes a rustic retreat in minutes with the Little Giant whiskey barrel. Fountains by L..
$150.00 $116.54
LITTLE GIANT 566763 Copper Kettle Fountain Kit
Bring an elegant touch to any space with the Little Giant Copper Kettle Fountain and Planter. This r..
$105.29 $95.95
Magnolia Nozzle- 2/3 HP
Kasco JF Series Premium Nozzles - These may be purchased separately and allow you to select the prem..
Mahogany Nozzle- 2/3 HP
Kasco Marine Mahogany Premium Nozzle 2-3 HPCleans and purifies the water. Increases decomposition an..

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