OASE 706759403498 032209 Filtral Uvc 700 Pond Pump and Filter

OASE 706759403498 032209 Filtral Uvc 700 Pond Pump and Filter
OASE 706759403498 032209 Filtral Uvc 700 Pond Pump and Filter OASE 706759403498 032209 Filtral Uvc 700 Pond Pump and Filter
Brand: OASE
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Filtration is an essential element of magnificent water displays and beautiful aquatic scapes. The Filtral UVC in-pond filter is a compact, all-in-one pond filtration system with a UV Clarifier to ensure clear and healthy water. The fountain attachments are height adjustable for adaptation to various water depths. The fountain pump is integrated, and the Magma, Lava, Vulkan fountain nozzles are included to create dazzling fountain displays. Four different types of filter media are included: bio-media elements, filter pebbles, UV and two different types of foam. Filtral UVC allows for the adjustment of flow rate and fountain height through its flow control technology. Used without a nozzle, the Filtral can power a small waterfall or stream. It's design allows for complete submersion on the pond floor so it remains discreet and does not interfere with visual impact. The Filtral UVC is available in 700 and 1200 models, suitable for ponds up to 700 and 1200 gallons, respectively.
  • The Filtral is a compact, all-in-one in-pond filter unit with a UV Clarifier and built-in filtration with 4 types of filter media that provide mechanical and biological cleaning for ponds up to 700 gallons.
  • The Filtral 700 is powered by a 250 GPH pump and includes a 7W EPA-registered UV Clarifier, two filter foams, as well as bio-media elements and filter pebbles to ensure extra cleaning power.
  • Without a nozzle, the Filtral can run a small waterfall or stream via the diverter valve.
  • Three interchangeable nozzles included to create attractive water displays.
  • Telescoping nozzle tube included for adaptation to the specific water depth.

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