Orb-3 Sludge Pellets Canister for Ponds, 1-Pound

Orb-3 Sludge Pellets Canister for Ponds, 1-Pound
Orb-3 Sludge Pellets Canister for Ponds, 1-Pound
Brand: Great Lakes Bio Systems
Categories: Assorted Water TreatmentsMuck & Sludge Removal
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Orb-3 Sludge Pellets are a low-maintenance solution for lake and pond maintenance. They make easy work of clearing a sludge bed, solids removal and beach clean-up in lagoons, backyard ponds and water gardens. Orb-3 Sludge Pellets contain specialized bacterial strains that consume muck and organic matter; a broad trace mineral base; and an organic catalyst to stimulate bacteria. The unique shape of the pellet also aids performance by delivering actives directly to the sludge bed so the dose is not consumed by the water column. Easy to measure and apply, Orb-3 Sludge Pellets provides continuous sludge management. When used as directed, there are no worries as this product is safe for people, fish and other wildlife. Best of all, this product carries the Orb-3 60-Day Satisfaction Guarantee: if you are not completely satisfied with your purchase simply return it within 60-days and we will gladly refund your purchase price. For small areas or water gardens, initially apply 2 capfuls (4 ounces) per 500 gallons, then apply 1 capful (2 ounces) per 500 gallons weekly. For larger ponds, apply 3-pounds per 1,000 square feet or 125 pounds per surface acre 5 times per season or as needed. Broadcast pellets uniformly over area to be treated. Use weekly in water gardens; and monthly or seasonally depending on sludge depth and age in ponds. For Best Results: Increase application frequency for faster results. Apply when ambient temperature is 50°–90° F; dissolved oxygen level is over 1.0ppm; pH is 6 – 8; alkalinity is less than 100ppm. Proper aeration will enhance product performance. Never commingle with bactericides or quaternary disinfectants as they will degrade/inactivate bacteria. For best results, use within 6 months of purchase. Made in USA.
  • Eats away at organic sludge buildup on pond or beach bottoms
  • Visible results in as little as 7-10 days
  • Cost effective dredging alternative
  • Reduces sludge bed without the use of heavy equipment
  • Ideal for both ponds and water gardens

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