Pond Dyes & Colorants

Pond Dyes & Colorants

Pond dyes and colorants safely color pond water which can help inhibit algae growth. All our dyes are safe for fish and plants.


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Admiral Lake and Pond Colorant Controls Algae and Aquatic Weeds-1 Gallon 55555443
With the Highest pure dye actives of all EPA registered lake colorants, Admiral aquatric weed contro..
Applied Biochemists Aquatic Algaecide Herbicide Colorant Aqua Shade Organic Plant Growth Control (390704A)
Use in natural and manmade ponds, lakes and fountains. Colors water a pleasing aqua-blue, enhancing ..
Aquascape Natural Color Pond Tint, PRO Contractor Grade, Long Lasting, 1-gallon | 30411
Aquascape Natural Pond Tint creates beatiful natural tea color pond water. It contains humic acid an..
Ecological Labs MLBBG4 1-Gallon Microbe-Lift Bio-Blue
Specially Formulated to Safely Color Lakes, Lagoons, Decorative Ponds, Fountain & Water Features a B..
$74.99 $47.96
Microbe Lift 16-Ounce Pond Bio-Black BIOBLK16
Specially formulated to safely color reflecting ponds BlackWill not stain birds, fish, pond rocks or..
Outdoor Water Solutions Pond Care Pack
All Natural products that help keep your pond clean and healthy all year. Each box contains three in..
$199.99 $189.99
Outdoor Water Solutions PSP0002 Lake and Pond Dye
A high-quality proprietary blend of non-toxic, water-soluble dyes that are formulated to help mainta..
Outdoor Water Solutions PSP0125 Lake and Pond Dye, Blue
If you're looking for a highly concentrated liquid blue dye for your ponds, we've got it. This produ..
Outdoor Water Solutions PSP0126 Lake and Pond Dye, Black
If you're looking for a highly concentrated liquid black dye for your ponds, we've got it. This prod..
$38.99 $29.99
Outdoor Water Solutions PSP0176 Lake and Pond Dye Deep, Blue
If you're looking for a highly concentrated liquid black dye for your ponds, we've got it. This prod..
$43.32 $32.99
Pond Logic Nature's Blue Pond Dye, WSP, 4 pack
Pond Logic Pond Dye is now available in a convenient water soluble packet. Applying pond dye to your..
Pond Logic Twilight Blue Pond Dye, 1 Quart
1 qt. Pond Logic Twilight Blue maintains a neutral blackish-blue tint that is ideal for shading and ..
Pondworx Lake and Pond Dye - Blue Ultra Concentrated - 1 Quart
Enhances the color of your pond or lake all year long. 100% safe for fish, livestock, swimming, and ..

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