Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater Harvesting

Rain water harvesting systems and rain barrels to capture and re-use rain water for ponds, gardens and water features.

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Algreen 81002 Products Agua Rain Barrel 50-Gallon, Terra Cotta
The Algreen Agua Rain Barrel combines the timeless aesthetic elegance of ceramics with the enduring ..
$156.28 $145.50
Algreen 81052 Rain Barrel Deluxe Diverter Kit Black
The Algreen rain barrel diverter Kit works with any Algreen rain barrel. The kit includes one univer..
Algreen Products Athena Rain Barrel 80-Gallon, Brownstone
Algreen’s Athena 80 Gallon Rain Barrel is a lovely addition to your home. It is beautifully designed..
Algreen Products Athena Rain Barrel, 80-Gallon, Charcoal Stone
Beautifully designed to give you the classic look of ceramic with the ease and durability of plastic..
Algreen Products Cascata Rain Barrel 65-Gallon, Sandalwood
Algreen combines the timeless esthetics of pottery with the enduring longevity of modern plastics. T..
Atlantic Water Gardens 500 gallon Rain Harvesting Kit
Connect and synchronize up to five Color Changing ColorfallsFeatures weather resistant quick-connect..
Atlantic Water Gardens Tank Gauge for Rain Water Harvesting Systems
Atlantic Water Gardens' Tank Gauge allows you to easily monitor and measure the water level in your ..
Clean Rain Advanced Downspout Diverter, Multi Fit
Clean Rain Advanced Downspout Diverter - the practical choice for all in one rainwater harvesting. C..
Designing Rainwater Harvesting Systems: Integrating Rainwater into Building Systems
Water conservation is one of the most effective sustainabledesign practices, yet few professionals k..
$90.00 $73.87
Fiskars 58 GallonSalsa Rain Barrel System with Diverter
The Salsa Rain Barrel System makes it easy to collect up to 58 gallons of water for your garden and ..
$149.99 $124.20
Fiskars Rain Barrel DiverterPro Kit (5962)
Add our worry-free diverter to your rain barrel system to maximize efficiency Our worry-free Diver..
$39.99 $35.97
Flex-Drain ADP53102 Downspout Adaptor, Landscaping Drain Pipe Adapter 3 4 4-Inch
Versatility. Flexibility. Durability. Compatibility. FLEX-Drain is simply a better solution from eve..
$4.74 $2.39
Good Ideas IMP-C90-BLK Impressions Tree Bark Rain Barrel, 90-Gallon, Black
Good Ideas IMP-C90-BLK Impressions 90 Gallon Bark Rain Saver - Black is designed with a self-drainin..
$199.99 $146.47
Good Ideas IMP-L50-DAR Impressions Palm Rain Barrel, 50-Gallon, Dark Granite
Good Ideas IMP-L50-DAR Impressions 50 Gallon Palm Rain Saver - Dark Granite is designed with a self-..
$179.99 $95.74
Good Ideas IMP-L50-OAK Impressions Palm Rain Barrel, 50-Gallon, Oak
Good Ideas IMP-L50-OAK Impressions 50 Gallon Palm Rain Saver - Oak is designed with a self-draining ..
Good Ideas IMP-L50-SAN Impressions Palm Rain Barrel, 50-Gallon, Sandstone
Good Ideas IMP-L50-SAN Impressions 50 Gallon Palm Rain Saver - Sandstone is designed with a self-dra..
Good Ideas IMP-L50-TC Impressions Palm Rain Barrel, 50-Gallon, Terra Cotta
Good Ideas IMP-L50-TC Impressions 50-Gallon Rain Saver Linen - Terra Cotta is designed with a self-d..
Good Ideas RB55-BLUE Big Blue Recycled Rain Barrel, 55-Gallon
Water is scarce during the summer months and that's when 40-Percent of water is spent outdoors. Why ..
Good Ideas RW50-OAK Rain Wizard Rain Barrel 50 Gallon, Oak
Sterling's Rain Wizard 50 can collect and store up to 50 gallons of this precious rainwater resource..
$129.99 $98.10
Good Ideas RWURN Rain Wizard Rain Barrel Urn 65-Gallon, Terra Cotta
Rain wizard urn shape and color adds class and style to your rain harvesting. Top functions as a pla..
$122.94 $120.29
Koolatron RBSS-55 55-Gallon Rain Barrel with Sandstone Finish
This unique rain barrel combines the contemporary aesthetic elegance of authentic stone with the end..
Oatey 14209 Mystic Rainwater Collection System
Oatey 14209 Mystic Rainwater Collection SystemThe Mystic rainwater collection system is used to recy..
$25.84 $20.99
Rain Gardens: Managing Water Sustainably in the Garden and Designed Landscape
Rain gardens encompass all possible elements that can be used to capture, channel, divert and make t..
Rain Reserve 2012312 Rain Barrel Connector Kit
The Connector Kit is 2 kits in 1. Use it to attach the Diverter to the barrel or it also allows you ..
$19.99 $19.66
Rain Reserve 2012315 Rain Barrel Diverter Weathervane
The diverter attaches to your downspout and diverts water to any type of barrel. The diverter uses t..
$29.99 $26.99
RainReserve 2012303 Rain Barrel Complete Diverter Kit (Barrel Not Included)
A RainReserve Diverter system offers modern solutions to grandma’s old-fashioned rain barrel problem..
RTS Home Accents 50-Gallon Rain Water Collection Barrel Stand
Create a larger offset between the spigot and the ground, making it easier to fill watering cans and..
$89.99 $32.98
RTS Home Accents 50-Gallon Rain Water Collection Barrel with Brass Spigot, Wood Grain
Embrace nature's solution to our emerging water shortage--collect rainwater! When drought sets in an..
Suncast RB50D 50-Gallon Rain Barrel
Rain BarrelGathers 100% pure rain water to reuse on your lawn and plantsDurable resin barrel holds 5..

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