VitaStim MD Pellets - Water Garden & Pond Bottom Muck Reducer - 10 lb

VitaStim MD Pellets - Water Garden & Pond Bottom Muck Reducer - 10 lb
VitaStim MD Pellets - Water Garden & Pond Bottom Muck Reducer - 10 lb VitaStim MD Pellets - Water Garden & Pond Bottom Muck Reducer - 10 lb VitaStim MD Pellets - Water Garden & Pond Bottom Muck Reducer - 10 lb VitaStim MD Pellets - Water Garden & Pond Bottom Muck Reducer - 10 lb
Brand: TJB-INC
Categories: BacteriaAssorted Water TreatmentsMuck & Sludge Removal
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VitaStim MD Pellets are slow-releases pellets that sink down into the muck to deliver essential bio-stimulants and indigenous bacteria. They penetrate and degrade pond muck by stimulating naturally-occurring bacteria and adding sludge-eating cultures. This product works FASTER than any other on the market today! The pellets are a dense product that look like Chinese dried noodles and are made to be "tossed in" and sink to the bottom. When they sink into the muck the bacteria produce enzymes that speed up the breakdown of organic waste. They contain safe and beneficial bacteria, and will not harm aquatic species, fish, waterfowl or people. Use just around beaches & docks or treat entire bodies of water. Can eliminate the need for manual dredging savings thousands of dollars. No EPA or regional wetland permits necessary because it is 100% organic. Spread by hand or with a spreader mounted on a boat for large areas. NOTE: It is always best to have aeration in the pond, especially if fish are present. These bacteria will consume oxygen as they eat away the muck on the bottom. If oxygen levels are low, a fish-kill is possible. To prevent this in non-aerated ponds or lakes, separate areas to be treated and do them one at a time over a period of 2-3 weeks. Super Dose: For natural ponds or lakes where you would like to degrade up to 1 foot per month. Feed 50# per acre (43,560 sqft or 325,700 gallons) once per month. For smaller or liner ponds, use 1 lb per 6,500 gallons of water once a month. Traditional Dose: Feed 10-25# per surface-acre once per month. For smaller & liner ponds, use 1 lb per 13,000 - 32,000 gallons per month depending upon amount of muck in pond. Product is safe. Over dosing will not hurt fish or snails just degrade muck faster and make your pond cleaner. Temperature Range: 60° F (17°C) and up. The warmer it is the faster they reproduce and digest sludge. They will work up to 130°F (54°C).
  • Consumes nutrients - Specially formulated for advanced performance in muck removal. Reduce up to 70% of sludge and much more!
  • Balances ponds ecosystems and helps get rid of algae by consuming the nutrients that algae require to survive.
  • Helps reduce pond weeds by consuming their food source (muck). Allows for high stocking levels of fish due to cleaner, healthier water.
  • Reduces dredging costs by organically & quickly digesting the muck eliminating the need to do expensive mechanical dredging. VitaStem works by organically digesting the muck solids and then converting them into gases that escapes safely into the atmosphere.
  • No Wetland permits needed to use this product. Available to ship to all US states with no restrictions. Can also ship to Canada & Mexico.

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