Ice Eaters® & Bubblers

Ice Eaters® & Bubblers

One of the best ways to protect a dock, wall or keep a hole in the ice for a pump intake or a honey hole open for hunting is an Ice Eater. These inexpensive agitator bubblers involve placing a heavy-duty submersible motor that drives a rugged propeller in continuous duty to draw warm waters from the depths of the pond or lake towards the surface.

The warmer waters at the bottom of the pond or lake typically maintain a temperature of around 37 degrees and by bringing these waters rapidly to the surface in a directed thrusting stream they can keep large areas of open water even in the coldest of winter temperatures. The thrust of these deicers also assist with maintaining open waters and in total the diamter of the hole will be from 5' to 10' in diameter per foot of submergence of the Ice Eater depending on the horse power of the unit.

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Airmax PondAir 4 Aeration Kit
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Aquascape 75000 Pond Air 2 (Double Outlet Aeration Kit)
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$59.98 $47.98
Kasco 110225 De-Icer C-10 Control Box
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Kasco 3400D050 3400D 3/4 HP Marine De-Icer - 120V Single Phase, 60Hz, 50' Cord
The high-performance motor in the 3400D de-icer creates large amounts of water flow that will preven..
Kasco De-icer - 1hp, 60 Cycle, 240v with 100 Ft. Power Cord - Marina, Lake & Pond Deicer Bubbler Water Agitator
Kasco De-icers are perfect for preventing costly ice damage due to jacking/lifting, ice expansion, a..
Kasco De-Icers/Water Circulator - 1/2 HP, Model# 2400D050
Prevents winter kill, reduces unwanted plants and mosquitoes, and protects against ice damage. Comes..
Kasco De-Icers/Water Circulator - 3/4 HP, Model# 3400D050
Prevents winter kill, reduces unwanted plants and mosquitoes, and protects against ice damage. Comes..
Kasco Universal Dock Mount
Optional dock mount for Kasco De-Icer. This mount allows for either a vertical or several angled dep..
$179.99 $161.99
Power House ICE EATER 1 HP 115V 25FT CORD
1 HP energy efficient high quality motor 115 volt, 7.0 amps, one phase, 60/50 cycle 25 foot quick ch..
The Powerhouse Inc. POWERHOUSE ICE EATER 3/4 HP 115V W/ 50' CORD
POWERHOUSE ICE EATER 3/4 HP 115V W/ 50' CORD3/4 HP energy-efficient high quality motor with 36lbs th..

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