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Kerick Valve MA252 PVC Mini Float Valve, Tank Mount, Adjustable Arm, 1.5 gpm at 60 psi, 1/4" Tube
This Kerick MA252 float valve is a tank-mount style with an adjustable arm, and is made of PVC with ..
Koi (Complete Pet Owner's Manual)
In Japan, breeding Koi--a colorful fish in the carp family--is an art form. This book speaks to its ..
Koolatron RBSS-55 KoolScapes 55 Gallon Sandstone-Look Rain Barrel, Brass Tap, UV-resistant, Stone-li..
Koolscapes 400 Gallon Pond Kit with Lighting
The popularity of backyard ponds continues to grow at a vigorous pace. This Ultimate Kit includes ev..
Koolscapes Floating Pond Skimmer
A unique skimmer that floats on the surface of the pond and includes a powerful pump that draws in a..
Laguna Clear Fast Pond Water Clarifier - 67.5 Ounces
Laguna Clear Fast contains a special fast-acting formula that clears cloudy or discolored pond water..
Laguna Direct Connection Adapter for PowerJet 400 Fountain/Waterfall Pump Kit
This direct connection adapter is used for Laguna PowerJet 400 fountain/waterfall pump kit. Measures..
Laguna Non-Kink Pond Tubing, 1-1/4-Inch, Black
This premium quality Laguna non-kink tubing provides the strength and flexibility required in a vari..
Laguna PowerGlo LED Ornament Accent Light with 12-Volt Transformer
The powerglo led ornament accent light allows you to illuminate and accentuate ornamental fountains...
Laguna Quartz Sleeve for PowerClear Max 1000 UV Sterilizer/Clarifier
This quartz sleeve is used for Laguna PowerClear Max 1000 UV sterilizer/clarifier. Display package -..
Laguna Skimmer Filter
The Laguna Skimmer is a heavy-duty surface skimmer and filter that provides essential filtration to ..
Laguna UV Sterilizer/Clarifier 55-Watt, Ponds up to 5000-Gallon
The most effective way of preventing green water and maintaining optimal conditions in a pond is by..
Laguna Water Prep - 67.5 Ounces
Laguna Water Prep is specifically formulated to provide many benefits to the entire pond environment..
Laguna Woven Fabric Floating Plant Basket, 13-3/4-Inch, Medium
Laguna floating plant baskets make planting and maintenance easy, especially for ponds that don't ha..
LagunaPowerHeat Heated De-Icer for Ponds - 500 Watts
The Laguna Power Heat 500-watt De-Icer will keep an area thawed and open in the pond, allowing the r..
Lifegard Aquatics 5 Way Test Strip
Lifegard Aquatics offers a complete line of custom designed test strips for all important testing of..
Little Giant 517203 SPW18 Spillway for Streams or Waterfall, 18-Inch
Waterfall weirs allow you to create a smooth beginning to any stream or waterfall. They install easi..
Little Giant 566182 T-1-1/2-25 BFPVC Flex PVC Tubing, 1-1/2-Inch by 25-Feet, Black
This little giant flex PVC tubing is great for repairs and routes pipes in hard to reach areas. The ..
Little Giant 566740 Whiskey Barrel Classical Fountain, Weather Wood
Your garden becomes a rustic retreat in minutes with the Little Giant whiskey barrel. Fountains by L..
LITTLE GIANT 566763 Copper Kettle Fountain Kit
Bring an elegant touch to any space with the Little Giant Copper Kettle Fountain and Planter. This r..
LITTLE GIANT Plastic Housing Trough-O-Matic Stock Tank Float Valve TM825
Little Giant Plastic Housing Trough-O-Matic Stock Tank Float Valve TM825This item is a Little Giant ..
Luminosity Color Changing 72 LED Pond Light
Perfect for illuminating fountains, ponds, lakes, waterfalls and other garden landscape features! Co..
Matrix, 4 L / 1 gal.
Matrix is a highly porous media designed to provide exceptionally efficient bio filtration for singl..
Microbe Lift 1-Pint Pond PL 10PLP, 16 oz.
Creates a cleaner environment for your pond, promoting faster fish growthManufactured By Ecological ..
Microbe Lift 1-Quart Pond Microbe-Lift Autumn Winter Prep AUTPREP
Specially formulated for pond winterizationHelps Accelerate The Decomposition Of Leaves, Sediment An..
Microbe Lift 1-Quart Pond Microbe-Lift PL 10PLQ
Creates a cleaner environment for your pond, promoting faster fish growthReduces ammonia nitrogen le..
Microbe Lift 10-Pound Pond Concentrated Aquatic Planting Media MLCAPM10
Aquatic planting mediaIdeal when potting aquatic plantsEnormous surface area perfect to colonize ben..
Microbe Lift 2-Pound Pond Calicium Montmorillonite Clay MLKKB2
Natural formulation for pond clarity and Koi health, growth and color Calcium montmorillonite ..
Microbe Lift 20-Pound Pond Concentrated Aquatic Planting Media MLCAPM20
Aquatic planting mediaIdeal when potting aquatic plantsEnormous surface area perfect to colonize ben..
Microbe Lift 240056 Alga16 32 Ounce Pond Algaway, 16oz
Control string algaeManufactured By Ecological LabsMade In The United StatesDesigned and made with t..

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