Skimmers can help remove debris from the surface of your pond. Typically the pump is in the skimmer box so the suction from the pump creates a circulating current that brings debris on the piond surface into the skimmer where a net catches it for easy removal. Skimmers are not required in every pond absolutely but they are an easy way to keep dirt, pollen, leaves, needles and twigs and flower petals from getting in to your pond and sinking where they decompose. Smaller water gardens can often be skimmed with a hand-held net or pool skimmer but using a specialized skimmer with brushes to catch debris is an easy way to maintain a clean pond surface. Make sure to follow directions and install the skimmer correctly according to the instructions provided to avoid danger to your fish.

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Aquascape - Signature Series Pond Skimmer 8.0 - 8" Opening
Signature Series Skimmer 8 - A mechanical filter with a new, large-volume, rigid debris basket. Stai..
Aquascape Grande Skimmer for Ponds and Water Gardens, 1,500 sq. ft. , 15-Inch Weir
The Aquascape Grande Pond Skimmer provides efficient mechanical filtration for your pond. Ideal for ..
Danner 02450 Pondmaster Mini Pond Skimmer
The Pondmaster Mini Skimmer is a scaled down compact version of our successful Pro5000 Skimmer. This..
EasyPro Pond Products PSMFB Mini Skimmer with Filter Brushes
Innovative design allows you to choose between a vertical filter mat or filter brushes. Removable ce..
EasyPro PS3E Eco-Series Tempo Pond Skimmer for Pumps up To 1800 Gallons-Per-Hour
The industry's first in-pond skimmer. Ideal for use with mag drive pumps in small or pre-formed pond..
EasyPro PS4E Eco-Series Prelude Pond Skimmer for Pumps up to 1800 Gallons-Per-Hour
This Skimmer is ideal for use with mag drive pumps in ponds. Tool free installation -Ideal for homeo..
EasyPro PS6E Eco-Series Melody Pond Skimmer for Pumps up to 4800 Gallons-Per-Hour
This Skimmer is ideal for use with mag drive pumps in ponds. Tool free installation -Ideal for homeo..
Elite Skimmer Box Size: 15"
PB1144 Size: 15" Features: -Includes spinweld positioned for easy installation of auto fill valve. -..
Jebao Sk-40 Floating Pond Skimmer 790 GPH
Installing a pond skimmer filter does not get easier than this. The Jebao sk-40 pond skimmer is an i..
Koolscapes Floating Pond Skimmer
A unique skimmer that floats on the surface of the pond and includes a powerful pump that draws in a..
Laguna Skimmer Filter
The Laguna Skimmer is a heavy-duty surface skimmer and filter that provides essential filtration to ..
Little Giant 14940172 10,000 Gallon Per Hour Ponds Skimmer
From flexible, industry-leading technology to expansive compatibility, Little Giant landscape produc..
Pond Builder Serenity Skimmer Box
PB1304 Features: -Max pump flow: 1,800 GPH. -Plant safe. -Fish safe. Product Type: -Net or skimmer. ..
PondSweep SK700PRO Skimmer
PondSweep SK700PRO Skimmer: Aquascape PondSweep pond skimmers are large enoughto tackle ponds up to..
TetraPond In-Pond Skimmer, for TetraPond Water Garden Pumps and Waterfal Filters, 1 Count
For 50 year, fishkeeping enthusiasts have looked to the Tetra name for products and solutions that a..

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