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UV Clarifiers
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All-In-One Filter
Lifegard Aquatics All In One Complete Pond Filter System. For Ponds or Water gardens from 300 gallon..
Aqua Ultraviolet Sterilizer with Quartz Sleeve Wiper 160W (White)
The optional wiper cleaning system keeps your quartz sleeve crystal clear and 100% efficient without..
Beckett Uv Filter , 9 Watt Bulb, In Line Without Pump
9 watt ultraviolet out-of-pond filter for ponds up to 650 gallons. 1 year limited manufacturers warr..
Cobalt Pond Prexo 3100 UV-12 w Pressure Filter
Cobalt Pond Prexo Bio Pressure Filter comes complete with filter media, hose barb fittings, and acce..
Danner 05025 PUV-2000 Pressurized Filter with UV Light for 2000-Gallons Ponds
Pressurized filter with UV light for 2000-gallons ponds features a unique, manually operated agitato..
EasyPro EPU36N UV Clarifier for Ponds up to 7000 Gallons
This high quality, affordable UV claifier has the industrys first protective device built in the sle..
EasyPro Pond Products EPUV110 110W UV Clarifier
EasyPro offers a line of high quality, affordable UV clarifiers Industry first protective device bui..
Jebao 36W Aquarium Koi Fish Pond UV Light Sterilizer
Feature: The Jebao 36W Ultraviolet Sterilizer is used to destroy single celled organisms such as wat..
Laguna UV Sterilizer/Clarifier 28-Watt, Ponds up to 2000-Gallon
Laguna's 28-watt UV Sterilizer/Clarifier helps create beneficial water conditions for fish and plant..
Laguna UV Sterilizer/Clarifier 55-Watt, Ponds up to 5000-Gallon
The most effective way of preventing green water and maintaining optimal conditions in a pond is by..
Pondmaster 02910 Ultra Violet Light Pond Water Clarifier 10watt
Submersible 10 watt Ultraviolet (UV) Light Pond Water Clarifier for use with pumps up to 700 GPH, in..
Pondmaster 02920 20-Watt Ultra-Violet-Light Pond Water Clarifier
Submersible 20 watt Ultraviolet (UV) Light Pond Water Clarifier for use with pumps up to 1800 GPH, i..
Pondmaster 02940 40-Watt Ultra Violet Light Pond Water Clarifier
Submersible 40 watt Ultraviolet (UV) Light Pond Water Clarifier for use with pumps up to 3000 GPH, i..
TetraPond UVC-9 GreenFree UV Clarifiers For Up To 1800 Gallons, 9-Watt
TetraPond GreenFree UV Clarifiers Keep Your Pond Clear and Clean 15 foot power cord makes placing..
TotalPond UV Pond Clarifier
The TotalPond UV Clarifier uses green UV light technology to sterilize your pond water. Sterilizatio..
UltraKlear 5000 UV Clarifier/Sterilizer 55W High Output
 UltraKlear 5000 UV Clarifier/Sterilizer 55W High Output UltraKlear 5000 UV Clarifie..

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