Filter Material, Mats & Pads

Filter Material, Mats & Pads

We carry a full range of replacement filter pads as well as Matala material that can be cut to fit any filter arrangement or homemade pond filter. Authentic filter parts from Atlantic Water Gardens®, OASE, Savio, AquaScape® & EasyPro. Most filter pads will provide years of use but warpage can cause a loss of efficiency. Maintaining a proper filter system will ensure crystal clear waters.

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3 Sheets 3 Color Matala Pond Filter Mat Koi Media Pad 19" X 24" Black, Green, Blue
The open, highly aerobic, 3 dimensional structure of Matala Filter Media promotes healthy water cond..
4 Sheets 4 Color Matala Pond Filter Mat Koi Media Pad 39" X 24"
Bio Media for PondsSolid PlasticFits standard 4 inch pipeworkLid can be adjusted to suit application..
Green Vista JUMBO 1.5 Inch BIO BALLS/BIOBALLS 2000 Count Filter Media with FREE Beneficial Bacteria Jump Start - Cleans Water in Ponds and Large Aq...
BIG SURFACE AREAGreen Vista Jumbo 1 1/2 Inch Diameter Bio Balls / Bioballs are 72 percent larger tha..
Green Vista Jumbo 1.5 Inch BIO Balls/BIOBALLS 300 Count Filter Media with Free Beneficial Bacteria Jump Start - Cleans Water in Ponds and Large Aqu...
BIG SURFACE AREAGreen Vista Jumbo 1 1/2 Inch Diameter Bio Balls / Bioballs are 72 percent larger tha..
Matala Mat (Gray) 39" X 24" for Koi & Pond Filters
Available in Gray - Super High Density, Blue - High Density, Green - Medium Density, and Black - Low..
CNZ BB300 Bio-Balls Filter Media for Fish Pond Waterfall Fountain, 1.25-inch
These plastic bio-balls are a great media for use in all types of filters. can be used as a loose me..
CNZ Japanese Filter Mat Premium Grade Pad Media for Koi Fish Pond Filter Waterfall Fish Farm with, 40" x 20"
One of the best of all the filtration media for koi pond - very firm and rigid, sinking. Japanese fi..
EasyPro BBM10 Bio-Blox Filter Media for Ponds, 10-Cubic Feet Box
Bio-Blox filter media is a great low cost choice for large volume applications. EasyPro die cuts thi..
LTWHOME Fish Pong Foam Filter Sponge Set 17" X 11" Media (Pack of 1 Set)
Package Include:1 Set Foam filter These are not Hozelock genuine foam but of a very high quality at..
Matala Green Filter Pad, 39.5" x 24" x 1.5"
HALFGRN Sheet: Medium Density Green Features: -Works great both as a mechanical and a biological med..
Matala MAT4PKHALF Half Sheet Pond and Koi Filter Media (4 Pack), 39" x 24" Multicolor
One each of the Gray-Super High Density, Blue-High Density, Green-Medium Density, and Black-Low Dens..
Matrix, 4 L / 1 gal.
Matrix is a highly porous media designed to provide exceptionally efficient bio filtration for singl..
Puro-Kleen™ Kleen-Guard Pond & Aquarium Filter Media 12" x 72", Pack of 2 (12 Feet Total)
Puro-KleenTM Kleen-Guard pond and aquarium filter media.Biodegradable and environmentally safeDissol..

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