Earth Ponds, Natural Ponds & Lakes

Earth Ponds, Natural Ponds & Lakes

Natural ponds, trout ponds, natural clay based earth pondsand lakes are unique eco-systems with a combination of watersheds and topogrophy defining the pond or lake. Larger ponds and natural ponds require a different approach for care and maintenance. Aeration systems for large ponds and lakes can improve water quality and clarity as well as reduce odors and muck. Natural bacteria, which is safe for people, pets and aquatic life, can be added to increase the improvment process and reduce phosphates, ammonia, nitrates and bottom muck.

Atlantic Pond Supply carries some of the most popular natural pond, large pond and lake systems available.
Contact us if you or your organization requires specific planning or detailed product recommendations based on your specific application.


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DyneAmic Surfactant
DyneAmic is a high quality non-ionic surfactant that greatly enhances the effectiveness of Herbicide..
Vertex Pond-Lyfe1 Aerator Garden
Pond Aerator for earth bottom farm ponds up to 1 surface acreMade 100% in the U.S.A.Includes: 1/4 pi..
Vertex Pond-Lyfe2 Aerator Garden
Pond Aerator for earth bottom farm ponds up to 1 surface acreMade 100% in the U.S.A.Includes: 1/4 pi..
Vertex Pond-Lyfe3 Aerator Garden
Pond Aerator for earth bottom farm ponds up to 1 surface acreMade 100% in the U.S.A.Includes: 1/4 pi..
3HP Aerator (50')
Kasco pond aerators (also called high oxygen transfer units) are designed to withstand the rigors of..
Algae Treatment for Filamentous Algae - 2 x 6 Gal Opt + 12 Algae Microbes
BioWorld Algae Treatment is designed to efficiently metabolize certain forms of nitrogen and phospho..
Applied Biochemists Cutrine-Plus Algaecide
" A granular chelated copper algaecide. Controls algae before it reaches the surface. Ideally suited..
Aquascape Natural Color Pond Tint, PRO Contractor Grade,  Long Lasting, 1-gallon | 30411
Aquascape Natural Pond Tint creates beatiful natural tea color pond water. It contains humic acid an..
Aquatic Adjuvant Non-Ionic Surfactant
"A wetting agent, sticker, and penetrant all in one.It helps break down the waxy cuticle on the leaf..
Caddis Men's Green Neoprene Stocking Foot Wader, Small
The Caddis brand has stood for quality for many years. All of our products are on the cutting edge o..
$65.60 $58.62
Clipper Aquatic Herbicide 5 lb
Clipper Herbicide by Alligare LLC is fomulated for the management of undesirable aquatic vegetation ..
$839.00 $828.66
Copper Sulfate Pentahydrate 99% Crystals 10 lb bag - Alpha Chemicals
Alpha Chemicals Brand. Shipped in 2 - 5 lb resealable bag that is sealed for safety and freshness. I..
Crystal Plex Copper Sulfate Pond Algae Control Liquid (4 Gallons)
Crystal Plex Algae Control is a liquid copper sulfate solution designed to kill and control algae an..
CrystalClear ClarityMax, 25 lb
ClarityMax cleans ponds with an unprecedented combination of an all-natural proprietary formula blen..
Cutrine Plus Professional Strength Aquatic Algaecide - 1 Gallon
"a concentrated liquid algaecide with a wide range of labeled use sites.- Contains chelated copper w..
$41.30 $32.50
Diquat E-PRO Aquatic Herbicide Equivalent to Reward-1 Gallon
Diquat is an industrial weed killer to control pond weed, pond algae, and other aquatic weeds. We ca..
EasyPro LA10N Economy Linear Aeration Kit, for 3000 to 8000-Gallon Ponds
CLEARS WATER, BOOSTS ITS QUALITY AND ADDS OXYGEN: When assembled and installed, the EasyPro LA10N Ec..
EasyPro LA20N Diaphragm Linear Aeration Kit, for Ponds up to 40000-Gallon
Diaphragm linear aeration kits include weather resistant compressors allowing use outdoors. they are..
EasyPro PA100W Rotary Vane Pond Aeration System 1 HP Kit with Weighted Tubing
Long lasting, continuous duty compressors offer less depth capabilities than the diaphragm or rockin..
EasyPro PA66W Rocking Piston Pond Aeration System 1/2 HP Kit with Quick Sink Tubing
1/2 HP compressor, 5.1 cfm, 3.8 amps, aerates up to 50' deep PA66 kits include compressor, brass va..
EasyPro PA6SWN Single Diffuser Shallow Pond Aeration Kit
CLEARS WATER, BOOSTS ITS QUALITY AND ADDS OXYGEN: When assembled, the EasyPro PA6SWN Single Diffuser..
EasyPro Pond Products LA5W Deluxe Linear Aeration Kits for Pond
EasyPro linear piston aeration kits are truly the finest systems on the market today! They offer one..
EasyPro Pond Products PA10W Small Aeration Kit
This continuous duty pump is ideal for aeration of smaller, shallower ponds. Will operate to a depth..
$494.99 $419.99
EasyPro Pond Products PA34 Rocking Piston Aeration System
PA34 kit includes compressor, air outlet with pressure relief valve, 100' 3/8" poly tubing, Epmd1 ai..
$687.99 $601.99
EasyPro Pond Products PA34D Rocking Piston Deluxe Sentinel Aeration
50' maximum operating depth each package includes our deluxe locking cabinet Complete with air compr..
$1,329.89 $1,163.65
Eco Labs NITE32 Microbe Lift Nite Out Nutrifying Bacteria, 32-Ounce
Specially formulated for rapid ammonia and nitrite reduction. Microbe-Leftie-Out II is designed spec..
$28.99 $21.17
Eliminator Aquatic Herbicide - Yields 10 Gallons
Total Solutions Eliminator is a versatile, non-selective herbicide used to kill terrestrial and aqua..
Hakko Air Pump 80L-2.8 CFM
The Hakko HK-80L Linear air pump represents a top of the line Liner Air Compressor with 18 month war..
Kasco Marine 2400AF050 Surface Aerator with Float and 50' Power Cord - 1/2 hp
Introduce more oxygen faster with a 2400AF Surface Aerator. The high-performance design of this aer..
Kasco Marine RA1-PM Robust-Aire Diffused Aeration System with KM-60 Compressor and 1 Diffuser, Post Mount Cabinet
Kasco Robust-Aire Systems are available as complete packages from one to six diffuser heads. These ..

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