Preformed Ponds & Molded Ponds

Preformed Ponds & Molded Ponds
Pre-formed ponds and rigid molded ponds are easy to install and puncture resistant. They allow you to add a pond or water feature to any small space from a corner of a backyard to near a front door or even on a balcony. These molded basins can be installed in-ground or with above-ground retaining walls or decorative wooden structures to fit in your deck setting. A simple an easy way to add a pond without struggling with a liner installation.
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Algreen 91901 Avonlea Rigid Preformed Pond Liner, 33-Gallon ,Black
Algreen's avonlea 33 gallon preformed pond is fish and plant safe/ weather resistant/ uv stable/ inc..
Algreen Breakwater Pond Streamlet for Water Gardens
Preformed pond streamlet looks natural in a variety of pond settings. portable/ lightweight and easi..
Algreen Manhattan Contemporary Slate Water Feature and Pond, 50-Gallon
Bring outdoor elegance to your balcony/ deck or patio with algreen's manhattan contemporary water fe..
Beckett 18-Inch Waterfall Inlet
18-inch preformed watercourse to add waterfall to ponds, includes 1/2-inch and 3/4-inch barbed adapt..
Beckett Corporation 35-Gallon Preformed Pond
The 35-Gallon Plastic Patio Pond is constructed from plastic for strength and flexibility. The flat-..
Garden365 Water Feature Planter Kit, Latte
Compact and Complete: A beautiful water feature is a serene addition to any living space. Garden36 W..
Little Giant 566740 Whiskey Barrel Classical Fountain, Weather Wood
Your garden becomes a rustic retreat in minutes with the Little Giant whiskey barrel. Fountains by L..
MacCourt Ponds LP5718 Aruba-Pacific Pond Basin with Shelf for Fountain, 50-Gallon
MacCourt's selection of preformed ponds is unmatched. Each pond is carefully designed to provide max..

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