OASE 706759500418 032212 Aquaoxy Air Injector Pump

OASE 706759500418 032212 Aquaoxy Air Injector Pump
OASE 706759500418 032212 Aquaoxy Air Injector Pump OASE 706759500418 032212 Aquaoxy Air Injector Pump OASE 706759500418 032212 Aquaoxy Air Injector Pump
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Your fish will thank you and your pond will never look better. The AquaOxy 450 provides additional oxygen supply for ponds to improve oxygen levels. It is a 12-volt membrane air injector pump with two adjustable airflow outlets. It is ideal for outdoor use with no additional protection from the elements needed, a feature not available with most aerators. It boasts a high quality motor that is also energy efficient. The AquaOxy is quiet and promises to maintain your tranquil outdoor space. The unit can find a home in almost any location. It has a 16-foot hose length and is easy to handle. The two weighted air stones ensure high air volume for optimal dissipation of oxygen into the water through newly designed air guidance channels. Regulating valves serve to connect silicon hoses. Easy, infinite adjustment of the oxygen rate provides flexibility. Nature-friendly, the AquaOxy 450 is a product for those dedicated to improving their pond water and minimizing their carbon footprint - AquaOxy enjoys low energy consumption - only 25 watts. The AquaOxy 450 is suitable for ponds up to 5,000 gallons.
  • The AquaOxy system is a safe and efficient way of increasing oxygen levels in the pond.
  • AquaOxy is a quiet, energy efficient, low-voltage (12V) membrane air injector pump with 2 adjustable airflow outlets.
  • AquaOxy can be used with flow-through filters to provide oxygen and help grow beneficial bacteria.
  • Rated for outdoor use, no additional protection from the elements needed.
  • Included air stones are heavy in weight in order to stay in place and diffuse the injected air very finely.

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