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Biosteps 10 External Filter Size: Without Wattage
BSTP Size: Without Wattage Features: -State of the art progressive filtration -- six different chamb..
Cobalt Pond Puro Gravity Filter, 2 Unit
The Cobalt Pond Puro Gravity Filter modular filter system comes complete with 4 levels of high quali..
Danner 02211 PM1000 12-Inch by 12-Inch Mechanical Pond Filter
These innovative low profile filters are designed to be unobtrusive in the bottom of the pond. Their..
$65.99 $40.78
Fish Mate 1000G-Bio Gravity Bio Pond Filter
Combined mechanical and biological filtration for purified water. Featuring pop top lid design for e..
$96.95 $50.80
Fish Mate 3000 Pressurized Bio Pond Filter
Mechanical and biological filtration purified water. Easy to install above or below ground level and..
Fish Mate 3000PUV Pressurized UV+Bio Pond Filter
Combined UV and biological filtration for crystal clear, purified water. Easy to install above or be..
$712.95 $331.84
Fish Mate 800GUV Gravity UV+Bio Pond Filter
Combined UV and biological filtration for crystal clear, purified water. Featuring a revolutionary f..
$252.99 $120.93
OASE BioSmart 10000 Pond Filter
The BioSmart 10000 is a multi-stage mechanical and biological filtration system in a compact package..
Oase Filtoclear 8000 Pond Pressure Filter with UV-C Clarifier (2nd generation)
The new Oases filtoclear 8000 pond filter is a compact all-in-one pond filtration system with the fa..
Oase Gcp Filter Biotec Gravity 18000
The screened particle screen was designed to make the biotic screened filters a solution that does n..
Pondmaster 02215 500 GPH Pond Pump with Filter and Fountain Set
Supreme Pondmaster Filter with 500 GPH Pump. Set includes the Pondmaster 1000 filter and a Supreme ..
$170.00 $105.62
Pondmaster PM2000 Extra-Capacity 12-by-24-Inch Mechanical Filter
12 x 24" filter box with locking handle that provides easy access for cleaning. Includes carbon and ..
$79.07 $75.90
Pondmaster PMK1250 Pond Filter with 250gph Pump and Bonus Fountain Head
This Pondmaster Filtration System with Pump Fountain includes filter, bell style and adjustable foun..
Savio Engineering F200 Livingponds Versatile Filter
Superior water quality, simplified plumbing and maintenance. The SAVIO Livingponds Waterfall Filter ..
$639.00 $412.26
TetraPond Bio-Active Pressure Filter with UV Clarifier
The Easy Solution for a Clear and Healthy Pond The TetraPond Bio-Active Pressure Filter with UV Cl..
$343.56 $342.67
TetraPond Clear Choice Biofilter PF-1 For Efficient Filtration
Efficient Filtration for a Healthy Pond The TetraPond ClearChoice BioFilter works to keep your pon..
$101.99 $61.14
TetraPond Submersible Flat Box Filter For Ponds Up To 500 Gallons
Clean and Healthy Water The TetraPond Submersible Flat Box Filter efficiently clears your pond of ..
TotalPond Universal Pump Filter Box
TotalPond's Universal Pump Filter Box protects the pump from debris. This product includes the filte..
$34.95 $29.95

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