TetraPond UVC-9 GreenFree UV Clarifiers For Up To 1800 Gallons, 9-Watt

TetraPond UVC-9 GreenFree UV Clarifiers For Up To 1800 Gallons, 9-Watt
TetraPond UVC-9 GreenFree UV Clarifiers For Up To 1800 Gallons, 9-Watt TetraPond UVC-9 GreenFree UV Clarifiers For Up To 1800 Gallons, 9-Watt TetraPond UVC-9 GreenFree UV Clarifiers For Up To 1800 Gallons, 9-Watt
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TetraPond GreenFree UV Clarifiers Keep Your Pond Clear and Clean

clarifier power cord
15 foot power cord makes placing your UV Clarifier easy

TetraPond GreenFree UV Clarifiers work to keep your pond clean, clear, and free of green algae. These dependable clarifiers use ultraviolet light to destroy suspended green algae. As algae are pumped into the Clarifier they are exposed to Ultra-Violet light that destroys the reproductive ability of single celled algae. The dead algae is then pumped out of the Clarifier where it clumps and is removed by your tank’s filtration system. Tetra UV Clarifiers can typically remove heavy algae blooms within five days and keep your pond algae-free long term. GreenFree UV Clarifiers are easy to conceal, durable, install in minutes, and feature a 3-year limited warranty.

before after
The UV clarifier can significantly improve water clarity


  • PL-S UV bulb: Provides 11 months of continuous operation
  • High clarity quartz tube
  • Stainless steel insert: Reflective surface increases UV exposure. Prevents internal UV degradation of plastic housing.
  • Quick release couplings
  • Transparent fittings allow lamp-on check
  • Mounting brackets

How it Works

  1. Pond water containing single-cell algae is pumped into clarifier.
  2. Reflective stainless steel surface increases UV exposure.
  3. Ultra-violet light destroys single-cell algae’s ability to reproduce.
  4. Single-cell algae dies, clumps, and is removed by filtration.

Long-Lasting Replacement Bulbs

TetraPond UV Bulbs should be replaced every 2 seasons or 11-months for maximum efficiency.

UV Clarifier For Ponds Up to: Bulb Replacement
5 Watt 660 Gallons TetraPond 5 Watt Bulb
9 Watt 1800 Gallons TetraPond 9 Watt Bulb
18 Watt 4400 Gallons TetraPond 18 Watt Bulb
36 Watt 8800 Gallons TetraPond 36 Watt Bulb

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